Review: Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin Just Made Their Worst Movie

In this review, we discuss the latest film, “The Out-Laws,” a brainless comedy thriller available on Netflix. Starring the seasoned actors Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin, the movie fails to deliver on its potential. Throughout the article, we analyze the plot, characters, and overall execution of the film. Join us as we explore why this collaboration turned out to be a disappointment.

A Regrettable Imitation

“The Out-Laws” attempts to capture the essence of the classic comedy “The In-Laws” from 1979, featuring Peter Falk and Alan Arkin. Unfortunately, this modern adaptation falls short of its mark. Evan Turner and Ben Zazove’s nonsensical writing and Tyler Spindel’s vacuous direction hinder the potential success of the film.

The Plot and Characters

The story revolves around Owen, a hapless bank manager portrayed by Adam Devine, known for his roles in Comedy Central’s “Workaholics” and the “Pitch Perfect” films. Owen plans to marry Parker, a yoga instructor played by Nina Dobrev from “The Vampire Diaries.” While Owen’s parents, portrayed by Richard Kind and Julie Hagerty, add eccentricity to the film, Parker’s parents remain mysteriously absent.

However, the plot takes an unexpected turn when Billy and Lilly, played by Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin, make their appearance. Their vague threat becomes a point of suspicion, especially when a group of robbers targets Owen’s bank. Is there a connection between Parker’s missing parents and the notorious “Ghost bandits” responsible for numerous bank heists?

To rescue Parker from the clutches of the kidnappers, Owen reluctantly teams up with Billy, Lilly, and Rehan, a former colleague of the robbers, portrayed by Poorna Jagannathan. The subsequent events unfold in a manner that sacrifices realism for exaggerated comedy.

Lackluster Execution

While the cast appears to be enjoying their roles, the overall quality of the film suffers. The dialogue proves to be atrocious, relying on repetitive gags and excessive profanity. The running joke of Owen’s parents mistaking Parker’s yoga profession for stripping quickly becomes tiresome. Moreover, the characters’ default insult, “Shut the f— up!,” lacks creativity and adds little value to the humor.

Additionally, the film fails to strike a balance between outrageous comedy and a believable narrative. Even in the realm of comedy, a grounding, in reality, is essential for the audience to connect with the story. Sadly, “The Out-Laws” overlooks this crucial aspect, resulting in scenes that feel forced and detached from plausibility.

Disappointing Performances

Pierce Brosnan, renowned for his portrayal of James Bond, and Ellen Barkin, whose recent work has earned critical acclaim, both find themselves in their weakest film to date. Despite their previous successes, their collaboration in “The Out-Laws” fails to showcase their talents effectively. It’s disheartening to witness two accomplished actors from the 1980s deliver their worst performances together.

A Glimmer of Wit Amidst the Mediocrity

While the film mostly disappoints, it does manage to exhibit a glimmer of wit during a car chase sequence set in a cemetery. This particular scene demonstrates a novel idea that is interestingly executed. However, this fleeting moment of creativity fails to salvage the overall quality of the movie, which falls flat due to its lackluster execution.


In conclusion, “The Out-Laws” fails to live up to expectations. Despite the star-studded cast and the potential for an entertaining comedy thriller, the film suffers from nonsensical writing, vacuous direction, and over-the-top performances. Although a few comedic moments shine through, they are unable to compensate for the overall mediocrity of the movie. Regrettably, this collaboration between Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin joins the list of their least impressive works. By then, however, “The Out-Laws” is dead on arrival.