Arnold Schwarzenegger: Revealing his secret son in a Netflix documentary series

Arnold Schwarzenegger, legendary actor and former governor of California, is set to tell you the past about a deeply personal and controversial chapter of his life in a three-part documentary coming to Netflix. The series will delve into how Schwarzenegger prominently told his then-wife Maria Shriver about their secret son and how it affected their marriage. The revelation is expected to give viewers a rare glimpse into the personal struggles and complexities of public figures. Which people also like to see often.



In this article, we delve into the details surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger’s revelation about his secret son in the Netflix documentary. We hope to explore the circumstances leading up to the confession, the emotional toll it had on Schwarzenegger and Shriver, and the impact it left on their relationship. This story serves as a powerful reminder that even celebrities face serious challenges in their personal lives.

1. The bombshell revelation

The shocking revelation came during a counseling session while Schwarzenegger was serving as governor of California. The couple was seeking marriage counseling at the time, and it was during one of these sessions that Maria Shriver expressed a particular concern: whether Schwarzenegger was the biological father of her housekeeper’s child. The question was simple.

Schwarzenegger recalls a pivotal moment when the counselor addressed the issue directly. The weight of the question and the possible consequences hung in the air as he mustered up the courage to reveal the truth. He admitted to fathering Joseph Baena, his secret son with his former housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

2. Destructive effect

Maria Shriver’s response to Schwarzenegger’s revelation was heartwarming. The news crushed her, as she was still unaware of her husband’s secret affair and the existence of their secret son. The betrayal and deception deeply affected their marriage and family dynamics.

The couple married in 1986 and has four children. The affair with Mildred Baena occurred in 1996, unbeknownst to Shriver. The fact that the secret remained hidden for so many years added to the emotional turmoil experienced by both Schwarzenegger and Shriver.

3. Uncovering the Truth

Schwarzenegger explains in the documentary series that he and Baena initially believed the child was the result of an affair with her husband. However, as Joseph Baena grew older, Schwarzenegger began to notice a resemblance, making it clear that the child was his own.

Over time, this realization intensified, with Schwarzenegger having the daunting task of keeping this secret from his wife and the public eye. It became a matter of managing Satya and maintaining the stability of her marriage and family life.

4. The Journey to Healing

The disclosure of the secret son marked a turning point in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life. It forced him to face the consequences of his actions and the effect they had on the people he loved. A journey of healing and reconciliation began with Schwarzenegger and Shriver seeking professional help to work through their feelings and navigate the challenges they faced as a couple.

The documentary series promises to provide viewers with an intimate and candid account of this transformative period in Schwarzenegger’s life, providing valuable insight into the complexities of personal relationships and the power of forgiveness.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s upcoming Netflix documentary is set to be a compelling exploration of his personal struggles, including the revelation of his secret son with his then-wife Maria Shriver. This deeply emotional and introspective account highlights the challenges faced by public figures and the complexity of personal relationships. Through vulnerability and self-reflection, Schwarzenegger’s story serves as a reminder that honesty, forgiveness, and personal growth can emerge from even the most difficult situations.

questions to ask

1. How long did Arnold Schwarzenegger keep his secret son a secret?
Arnold Schwarzenegger kept his secret son, Joseph Baena, hidden for over a decade. It was during a counseling session that he revealed the truth to his then-wife, Maria Shriver.

2. How did Maria Shriver react to the revelation?
Maria Shriver was devastated after learning about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret son. This news came as a shock to her and it deeply affected their marriage.

3. What steps did Arnold Schwarzenegger take to deal with the situation?
Following the revelation, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver sought professional help and traveled to therapy and reconciliation. They worked through their feelings and attempted to rebuild their relationship.

4. When does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Netflix docuseries premiere?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s docuseries, titled “Arnold,” premieres on Netflix this Wednesday. It offers an intimate account of his personal struggles, including the revelation of his secret son.

5. Where else can we watch Arnold Schwarzenegger on Netflix?

Aside from the upcoming docuseries, Arnold Schwarzenegger can currently be seen in the Netflix series “Fubar.” The series showcases a different aspect of his life and is available for streaming on Netflix.

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