Conor McGregor Knocks Out Heat Mascot at NBA Finals

Conor McGregor, the former UFC champion, made headlines during the NBA Finals when he knocked out the Miami Heat mascot, Burnie, in a midgame bit that went awry. The incident occurred during Game 4 of the Finals between the Heat and the Denver Nuggets when McGregor was present as a promotional gimmick for a pain-relief spray. This unexpected turn of events drew attention from fans and media alike.

The Incident at the NBA Finals

McGregor’s appearance at the NBA Finals was part of a promotional campaign for a pain-relief spray. However, even before the bit began, McGregor faced a chorus of boos from the Miami crowd. It was evident that his controversial image had preceded him, and the audience expressed their disapproval.

Burnie, the mascot of the Miami Heat, became the unwitting participant in McGregor’s promotional stunt. Dressed in oversized boxing gloves and a robe resembling that of a professional fighter, Burnie’s role was to engage with McGregor during the midgame bit.

McGregor’s Interaction with Burnie

What was intended as an entertaining spectacle took an unexpected turn when McGregor delivered two punches to Burnie during a stoppage in the third quarter of Game 4. The first punch, a left hook, sent Burnie sprawling to the floor, while the second punch followed soon after, causing further distress to the mascot.

The situation quickly escalated as McGregor attempted to “spray” Burnie with the pain-relief product he was endorsing. The Heat’s in-game promotional team intervened, swiftly removing Burnie from the court to ensure his safety.

The Aftermath of the Incident

Following the incident, Burnie required medical attention due to the blows inflicted by McGregor. The Heat organization stated that the employee inside the mascot costume received pain medication and was resting at home. While Burnie’s identity was not disclosed, the focus shifted to the repercussions of McGregor’s actions and the impact they had on the mascot.

McGregor’s Motive and Reactions

Conor McGregor’s involvement in this promotional bit was not without purpose. As a prominent figure in the fighting world, McGregor’s presence at the NBA Finals served to generate attention for the pain-relief spray he was endorsing. However, the negative reception from the crowd highlighted the polarizing nature of McGregor’s public image.

While some spectators enjoyed the unpredictability of the midgame bit, others criticized McGregor’s behavior as inappropriate and dangerous. The incident raised questions about the boundaries of entertainment and whether such promotional stunts should be permitted in a professional sports setting.

The Mascot’s Attire and McGregor’s Actions

Burnie’s costume, consisting of oversized boxing gloves and a fighter’s robe, added to the theatrical nature of the bit. McGregor’s left hook and subsequent punch aimed at the downed mascot created a dramatic moment that caught the attention of both fans and onlookers.

It is worth noting that the purpose of the bit was not to cause harm to the mascot but to entertain the audience. However, the unexpected force behind McGregor’s punches resulted in an unintended consequence, leading to concerns about the safety of such interactions in future sporting events.

McGregor’s Attempt to Promote the Pain-Relief Spray

While McGregor’s primary role was to engage with the mascot, his secondary objective was to promote the pain relief spray. After knocking down Burnie, McGregor proceeded to simulate spraying the mascot with the endorsed product. However, the intervention by the Heat’s in-game promotional team prevented further interaction and swiftly removed Burnie from the court.

The incident, while unplanned and controversial, generated significant media coverage for the pain-relief spray, inadvertently achieving its promotional goal. However, the fallout from the incident overshadowed the intended marketing message, as the focus shifted to the physical altercation between McGregor and the mascot.

McGregor’s Fighting Career and Recent History

Conor McGregor’s fighting career has been marked by both triumphs and setbacks. His last fight prior to the incident at the NBA Finals was a loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July 2021, where he suffered a significant leg injury. McGregor’s absence from the octagon since then has fueled speculation about his future in the sport.

Notably, McGregor’s most recent victory dates back to January 2020, further adding to the narrative surrounding his performance and the implications it may have on his fighting career. The incident at the NBA Finals served as a reminder of McGregor’s presence outside the UFC and the broader impact he continues to have on popular culture.


The incident at the NBA Finals involving Conor McGregor and the Miami Heat mascot, Burnie, created a buzz both within the sports community and beyond. McGregor’s unexpected punches, intended as part of a promotional bit, led to an uproar and raised questions about the boundaries of entertainment in professional sports.

The incident also shed light on McGregor’s role as a promoter and the mixed reactions he evokes from audiences. While some view his actions as entertaining and captivating, others criticize his behavior as crossing the line between what is appropriate and safe.

Ultimately, the aftermath of the incident emphasized the need for careful consideration of promotional stunts during sporting events to ensure the well-being of all participants involved. The incident will undoubtedly remain a memorable chapter in both McGregor’s career and the NBA Finals history.


  1. Was the mascot seriously injured by McGregor’s punches?
    • While the punches delivered by Conor McGregor caused distress to the mascot, the employee inside the Burnie costume received medical attention and was resting at home.
  2. What was the purpose of McGregor’s presence at the NBA Finals?
    • McGregor’s presence was part of a promotional campaign for a pain-relief spray. The incident involving the mascot was intended to generate attention for the endorsed product.
  3. Did the crowd’s negative response affect McGregor’s actions?
    • McGregor faced a chorus of boos from the Miami crowd even before the incident took place. However, it is unclear to what extent the audience’s reaction influenced his subsequent actions.
  4. Has McGregor been involved in similar promotional stunts in the past?
    • McGregor has been known to engage in promotional activities outside the UFC, often generating attention through unconventional means. However, this incident at the NBA Finals stands out as a unique occurrence.
  5. Will the incident impact McGregor’s fighting career?
    • The incident at the NBA Finals is unlikely to have a direct impact on McGregor’s fighting career. However, it further solidifies his reputation as a polarizing figure and may shape public perception of him moving forward.

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