In a caravan released Monday, Sister wives is back with an explosive new season, going outside Christine Brown’s dramatic decision to leave Cody Brown and her plural marriage. Christine becomes clear about her reasons for leaving, Cody loses his temper, and the rest of the family’s wives.
tear up at the consequences.

The two ended their 25- time spiritual marriage in November, as suckers watched as their union began to deteriorate on the show.” I feel like Cody, Robin is more important,” Christine admitted in a new clip. Did, calling it” heartbreaking being( Cody’s) woman
for times”.

” You noway tried to have a really good relationship with these other people!” Cody screams at one point.” And that is why I am angry. Man! Just a cutter in the order after all these times. The offerings I have made to love you!”

In 1994, Christine came Cody’s third woman
and they’ve six children together. But in November 2021, Christine blazoned her decision to disjoin her partner after a delicate many times. Such a decision after so numerous times

At the time, Christine said in a statement,” Cody and I’ve resolve and I’ve made the delicate decision to leave,” noting that they” will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we continue to be our beautiful children.” Nurture and support our awful family.”

Cody said,” Christine’s decision to leave comes with a lot of sadness. We enjoyed numerous times together and I’ve a lot of respect and admiration for her. Although we feel to be heading down separate paths, we Will always be a good parent.”

Recent seasons featured Christine decreasingly disgruntled from Cody and his other wives
, Mary Brown, Janelle Brown and Robin Brown, distancing herself.

” I really like being piecemeal. I like my space,” Christine told before news of the divorce in February 2021.” I like my autonomy. I feel like I like me better now. And I feel like I am suitable to really raise my kiddies the way I want to. I as a person I feel, I do better with a little further distance.”

” They said,’ At what point are you going to start saying no? You are always saying yes to everything. At what point are you going to start saying no?'” He flashed back .

Noting that Cody did not know how to handle this unforeseen change of heart in his woman
, Christine said,” I suppose he heard but he did not know what to do because a lot had changed in the blink of an eye.. Everything changed and Cody withdrew. And I withdrew, and we just left.”

He said,” We can sit and say’ he said, he said’ until the cows come home. He is told you effects I unnaturally differ with and that is all I am doing now. Defending himself.”

He latterly added,” Now, I’m just staying for the mending process, managing it and coming to a place where we’re musketeers again. We had this experience and it’s over And( now she can) lead a good life.”

The drama will unfold on screen this season when Sister wives returns. In addition to remonstrating Christine Cody out of her house, suckers will see her news for the rest of the family as she’s determined to move to Utah with her aged kiddies. Meanwhile, COVID continues to put pressure on all family dynamics; Christine’s son, Mykelti, gives birth And Janelle buys an caravan without telling Cody and moves on to his uninhabited Coyote Pass property.

Family wives airs Sunday, September 11 at 10 pm. ET PT on TLC.

Season 16 of Family wives saw Kody and the wives
struggle to connect amid the coronavirus epidemic, which forced the families to live piecemeal. The distance created problems for their connections, with Kody confessing he no longer loves Meri, and that he struggles to connect with Janelle.

  • nevertheless, Kody, Meri, Robyn and Jenelle remain in their plural relationship and continue toco-parent their 12 children together.Family wives season 17 premieresSept. 11 on TLC.

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