Pontiac, Bloomfield School attendees march to approval

On Tuesday’s ballot two school mills were headed for passage with nearly 100% field reporting. Bloomfield Hills School asked voters to reinstate a 2 mill non-homestead operating levy and Pontiac School officials asked voters to impose a 18 mill non-homestead operating levy.


The redistribution reduced the number of county commission seats from 21 to 19 and forced two incumbent Republican commissioners, Bob Hoffman and Eileen Kowal, into a runoff. Hoffman took more than 1,300 leads.

12th District Commissioner Christine A. Long was ahead of Republican challenger Monica Yatuma by just 500 votes.

Became 9th Congressman

In the Democratic primary, unopposed candidate Brian Jay received 10,882 votes, with 50% of the precinct reporting. In the Republican primary, US> Rep. Lisa McClain, 17,983 votes, Michelle R.E. were walking ahead. Donovan, 4,817.

10th Congressman

In the Democratic primary, Carl J. Marlinga was leading by 1,117 votes, Huvaida Araf, 809; Rhonda Powell, 465; Angela Rosensuse, 432, and Henri Yanez, 149, with 10.5% campus reporting. In the Republican primary, John James, 4,373 votes, was leading 415-year-old Tony Marcinkiewicz.

11th Congressman

In the Democratic primary, US Rep. Haley Stevens was leading over US Rep. Andy Levine, with 30,798 votes to 22,067 with 11.3% of the precinct reporting. Both are running officials in the new district. In the Republican primary, Mark Abrose was leading over Matthew Denotter, with 18,363 votes to 7,967.

12th Congressman

In the Democratic primary, US Rep. Rashida Tlaib was leading three challengers with 6,999 votes, reporting 16.67% of the precincts. Others: Janice Winfrey, 3,146; Kelly Garrett, 1,527; Shanelle Jackson, 683. In the Republican primary, Steven Elliott, 899, James Hooper, 506, and Hassan H. Nehme was leading from 193 onwards.

Edison Township

With all regions reporting, Mary A. Frost received 723 votes in the Republican primary, defeating challenger Ron Renaud, 252; and Kenneth J.H. Mathis, 171.

For proposals, 22-1 fire mills 1,418 yes to 518 no; 22-2 police milliage 1,329 yes to 600 no; 22-3 North Oakland Transportation Millage passed number 579 from 1,315 yes.

Bloomfield Hills School

Bloomfield Hills Schools asked voters to reinstate the non-homestead operating levy of 2 mills. With 94.4% of the votes counted, the resolution was passed with 7,649 yes votes. A total of 4,629 votes were not cast. The levy does not apply to prime residences.

Bloomfield Township

With only absentee ballots counted, a Public Safety Millennium proposal was passed by a comfortable margin. A total of 2,520 absentee voters approved the proposal; It was rejected by 1,826 absentee voters.

The proposal refurbished an existing millage and included a small enhancement. Township officials say both the police department and the fire department are in need of additional staff and new equipment.

commercial township

With all regions reporting, the refurbishment of the 0.66 Mill Library Levy passed 6,499 yes votes to 3,260 no.

Highland Township

With all premises reporting, Fire Mills Renewal passed 3,179 yes votes to 1,896 no.

Independence Township

With all regions reporting, the observer race was led by Republican Jose F. Aliga, by 3,123 votes, defeated the 1823 challenger Paul A. Brown; Gerald Fisher, 1,123; and Mark Peterson, 502. There were no Democrats on the ballot in the primary. The 1.18 Mill Levy Renewal for the Clarkston/Independence Township Library District passed 6,435 yes votes to 3,084 no.


With all precincts reporting, a village charter amendment passed 1,084 yes votes to 952 no votes, increasing meeting compensation from $7.50 to $50 per meeting.

Milford Township

With all areas reporting, a new levy of 3.25 mills for fire services increased by 2,822 yes votes to 2,114.


With all enclaves reporting, a ballot to repeal an existing ordinance and allow adult-use marijuana establishments to operate in the village passed a 221 yes vote numbering 216.

Pontiac School

With 65.5% of campuses reporting, Pontiac’s school millage reinstatement request was passing 4,452 yes votes to 3,166 numbers.

royal oak

With 95.8% of enclaves reporting, the Library Millage proposal was headed for passage with 4,607 nos with 11,580 yes votes.

Royal Oak Township

In the race for treasurer, Democrat Joanne Brown defeated challenger Jeannon Joshua, 180, by 216 votes. For park commissioner, Democrat James Hardman Jr., 223 votes, and Armand Respres, 201, defeated challenger Courtney West, 185. In both races, there were no Republican candidates. The fire safety assessment passed 235 yes votes to 191. An amendment to existing ordinances to allow unlimited adult-use marijuana establishments was defeated by a vote of 274 no to 153 yes.

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