After making a name for himself as a writer, actor, comedian, and a must-follower on Twitter, Jaboukie Young-White is on his next venture: music.

Young-White is releasing her debut album, All who can’t hear must feelthis summer via Interscope Records, following the release of three singles earlier this year.

“I worked my way up like Forrest Gump,” he said. THR of his new music career, which began when he was working with Interscope Films as a writer and an executive sent his demo to A&R, causing the label to turn and offer him a record deal. “It’s always been a very personal thing, so I’m very excited to be able to share it,” Young-White adds, noting that while he’s known for his banter, he tries to keep the two lanes separate. “I wouldn’t say it’s like a musical comedy, but there are some jokes in there. I’m always going to throw some jokes in there. It’s like a dramedy, it’s a musical dramedy,” he says.

Young-White, who spoke with the hollywood reporter on June 28 (prior to the ongoing SAG strike) at the premiere of Universal Pictures’ Ruby Gillman, Teenage Krakenhas been racking up a list of acting credits that includes Black Mirror, Weird World, Rap Sh! you, Only murders in the building and fairfax.

And while she’s in demand on camera, she’s not ruling out taking the stage for live performances in support of her music career. “I love performing in a live room, but there’s not much a stand-up can do. I feel like music would just be a new arena to interact with an audience in a different medium and tap into something new.”

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