Fulham vs Liverpool result:
Mohamed Salah and Darwin Nunez scored points

Fulham vs. Liverpool final score

1H 2H Final
Fulham 1 1 2
Liverpool 0 2 2

Goals: Mitrovic (32, 72); Nunez (64) Salah (81)

Live updates and highlights from the Fulham vs Liverpool Premier League clash
Full-time: Fulham 2-2 Liverpool

1 minute: Fulham 0-0 Liverpool

The players knelt before kick-off. Fulham wins a throw-in inside his own half on the left, then Liverpool gain possession and begin building from behind.

Mitrovic has a big chance after Liverpool delivers the ball too far from their penalty area, darting inside the danger zone from the left and stabbing a low shot from the far post. Encouraging hosts!

3 min: Fulham 0-0 Liverpool

Andreas Pereira swings into a useful looking cross for Fulham before the flag goes up. “You don’t want to see him intimidated,” former England midfielder Jermaine Jans told BT Sport.

“They’re getting up on the pitch and on the front foot – all good signs.”

5 min: Fulham 0-0 Liverpool

Liverpool have started well. Rodak attempts a through-ball inside his penalty area, then Pereira swings a cross from the left into Alisson’s arms.

6 min: Fulham 0-0 Liverpool

Fulham won a corner to his left. Matip steers the delivery, then van Dijk intervenes as Mitrovic tries to pounce on a ricochet inside the penalty area.

8 min: Fulham 0-0 Liverpool

Silva’s side is looking really good. De Cordova-Reid tries to cause trouble deep in the Liverpool area and is stopped by Matic, then Reid almost reaches the byline on the left, seeing his low cross claimed by Alisson.

If Fulham can make one or two fatal deliveries, they may be in business at this rate.

34 min: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

It was a brilliantly accomplished goal. After another Liverpool attack, Fulham broke through again quickly from near their penalty area, moving the ball swiftly from left to right.

Cabano stayed near the flag to the right-hand corner and curled an inviting cross at the far post, where Mitrovic overpowered Alexander-Arnold with distinctive muscle to power a header beyond Alisson from the pass. Fulham is deservedly ahead!

36 min: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

Mitrovic now has a third of the goals he scored in the Premier League during his previous league appearances.

The man, who scored 43 goals last season, has been vying for one of the best defenses in the division to date.

39 min: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

Too low, Luis Diaz hits a vicious shot from the edge of the penalty area on the left against the far angle of Rodak’s goal!

A warning to Fulham and a flash of brilliance from Luis Diaz, whose side failed in their appeal for infringement during the move they accepted, despite a VAR review.

42 min: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

A reminder that Fulham’s last Premier League win was a 1-0 win over Liverpool in March 2021.

They have made a sensational start to their latest attempt to stay in the division for more than a season and look good for their lead against largely indifferent opponents.

48 min: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

Half-time: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

Are we in for one of the shocks of the season on opening day? While Fulham’s bright start was probably expected in their first home game, you would have expected Liverpool’s elite to advance halfway.

As it were, Mitrovic’s unstoppable header – scored by one of many fine moves by Premier League newcomers – drew the charm of Liverpool’s first defeat of the calendar year.

Klopp has a lot of work to do. Only the wildest optimist of Fulham fans would have predicted it.

57 min: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

Kebano Post Hit! It’s a brilliant strike from the man, who set up Mitrovic’s goal, swinging a shot from the right hand of the penalty area beyond Alisson’s dive and woodwork.

Henderson is not happy with Nunez’s closure. Liverpool are lucky not to miss two goals.

59 min: Fulham 1-0 Liverpool

“There was nothing he could do about it,” says Janus Alison of Ellison’s attempt to save that shot from Cabano, which nearly tripped.

“I’m just surprised that Liverpool didn’t get an answer from Fulham.”

64 min: Goal – Fulham 1-1 Liverpool (Nez)

Nunez’s ball is in the net! However, there is a mandatory VAR check – this time to see if his improvised finish was from the offside position.

65 min: Fulham 1-1 Liverpool

You can’t blame Nunez for the persistence. After thwarting the first few attempts, he caught a left-wing delivery in front of goal and flicked his finish ahead of Rodak.

This is a great way to open your account in the Premier League.

72 min: Fulham penalty – Fulham 1-1 Liverpool

Mitrovic goes down inside the penalty area under challenge from Van Dijk. It’s a soft call, and the striker went down pretty easily, but you can’t blame him for finding it. Not one of the centre-back’s best moments.

Can Fulham restore his lead?

72 min: Goal – Fulham 2-1 Liverpool (Mitrovic 72)

Mitrovic slams a penalty to Alisson’s left. The goalkeeper dives accurately but the shot has a lot of power and accuracy. Fulham is back!

81 min: Goal — Fulham 2-2 Liverpool (Salah 81)

Liverpool almost won it in the end! Henderson made a strike on Rodk and against the crossbar, after which Elliot completed it.

Fulham wouldn’t have deserved it if they had taken an unexpected advantage from their return to the Premier League that day when the relentless Mitrovic scored 45 goals from 45 appearances. It’s 2-2 over!

Fulham has been excellent today, but he must not have been happy with the match ending in a draw.

Alexander-Arnold went past the half line on the right and Tosin and Reim could not clear despite the opportunity. Nez probably didn’t expect the ball to reach him, ricocheting off his foot and in front of the goal on the way to Salah, who rolled a smooth finish ahead of Rodk.

Liverpool may look like it’s a piece of luck after Fulham’s controversial penalty.

Fulham vs Liverpool result

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